Event Time

Classes are three hours long. Please be courteous to your fellow guests by arriving on time. Most classes start at 6:15pm, please check your event for your starting time. Events will begin on time. Because each class has people with varying degrees of culinary experience, classes may finish early or run a little late. We trust that you had an enjoyable class and ask that you prepare to leave at the end of class so that the staff can begin their cleanup.


Payment is required at the time of booking.


Gratuities are not included in you class price. Our staff has worked to provide with an enjoyable experience and your gratuities are appreciated.


There is plenty of room in our refrigerator and freezer for all your beverages. Every event is a bring your own beverage (BYOB), which means guests provide their own soda, wine, beer, and mixed drinks. UCook provides water, ice, wine openers, blenders, bottle openers and glasses for beer, margaritas, wine, martinis and cocktails.

For our guests safety we reserve the right to refuse any service to anyone who may arrive impaired or become impaired while at a class.

The liquor tasting classes serve a complimentary sample of the liquor provided by UCook.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Please advise us at booking, but at least one week in advance of your event of allergies and sensitivities. Because we have only one kitchen and provide a wide array of menus we may not be able to accommodate your needs.


Your safety is our first concern. Please dress accordingly for class. You should refrain from open toed shoes, sleeveless shirts and hair hanging down.

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY: By registering for a cooking class or event, I fully understand, acknowledge and accept that the class or classes I am registering to take with UCook are for the purpose of learning to cook, which involves preparing, cooking and sampling food. Given the common dangers and use of tools and cooking instruments in a kitchen, I agree to hold harmless UCook, its employees, owners, chefs, food preparers, attorneys and assigns, from any and all liability, loss, claim, demand, action or cause of action which arises or may arise or be occasioned in any way by my participation in any class, including but not limited to, slips, falls, cuts, burns, choking, food allergy reactions and other accidents and injuries that may arise from the activity of cooking and eating the food prepared in classes or events.

Decorations and Entertainment

UCook will provide mood lighting, music subscription services on our music system, candles and a real wood fireplace to set the mood for your event.

We encourage our guests to decorate for any special occasion. UCook is open Monday thru Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM for your convenience to decorate or drop off your beverages, presents, cakes in advance. This is a great way for a surprise event. No glitter or any small decorations that might produce a health or choking hazard are allowed. All of the decorations have to be removed by the end the event. If the decorations are not removed you will incur a cleanup charge.

Cancellation Policy

All events are non-refundable and payment is required at the time of booking. We understand that emergencies occur but because we have already had staff scheduled and food ordered, any guest cancelling within 72 hours of an event will not receive a refund. If you cancel 72 hours or more before an event we will issue a credit for a future event. If UCook needs to cancel an event you will be notified as soon as possible and given a credit for a future class or a full refund.


Because of health and insurance regulations, we do not allow carry outs of leftover food. We intentionally make more food than required so that everyone has a chance to enjoy the food provided.

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