Event Time

Classes are three hours long and usually from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. It is important to us that our guests arrive on time. We have a strict start time, so please make sure you arrive on time.

Chefs have complete discretion on waiting for late arrivals.

Because each class has people of varying degrees in culinary experience, classes may finish early or run a little late.


Each event is a Bring Your Own Beverage, which means guests provide their own soda, wine, beer, and mixed drinks.

The liquor tasting classes serve a sample of the liquor provided by UCook

U Cook provides water, ice, wine openers, bottle openers and glasses for beer, margaritas, wine, martinis and cocktails.

There is plenty of room in our refrigerator and freezer for all your beverages. You can even use our blender to make your favorite frozen cocktails.

Aprons are available for up to 20 guests.

Your Space

Our showroom is transformed into a perfect atmosphere of mood lighting, candles, and music. A real wood fireplace can be used with any advanced request at no charge. We provide all the wood.

We use Pandora for our multi-speaker music system and you are encouraged to set the mood for your event. It is your party.

Decorate for Your Event!

We encourage our guests to decorate for any special occasion.

U Cook is open Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 5:30 Pm for your convenience or by appointment to decorate or drop off your beverages, presents, cakes in advance. This is a great way for a surprise event.


Because of health and insurance regulations, we do not allow carry outs of leftover food. We intentionally make more food than required so that everyone has a chance to enjoy the food provided.

U Cook is not working, not work! Got it!

It is a fun, engaging, exciting way to laugh, joke, mingle and enjoy the unique U Cook experience with family, friends or co-workers.

Meet the Chef

Chef Brian

With over 35 years of business experience chef Brian trained at the Chicago Food Depository helping to produce over 2500 meals per day. After graduation Brian stayed on for a while doing test recipes before moving on to line work at a restaurant. From line cook to lead cook to executive chef and operations manager where he gained experience working with restaurants, catering and 14 banquet locations.

Brian moved in to doing catering on his own being named one of Thumbtack’s best caterers for 2 years. Looking to a more stable work schedule he became the Director of Dining Services for the largest senior care facility in the country. Brian has recently retired and is happy to pass on some of his experience to those who are looking for an entertaining night out, and with our new cooking school passing on his passion for cooking.